These version 2 presets are more subtle than the version 1, and I decided to keep it all very simple.

4 new color presets for $33. That’s it! The more I edit, the more I realize that I’m using less and less presets, so I sat down and created 4 presets that I’ll now be using for all of my client work from here on out! I’m so, so very happy with how these turned out, and I hope you will be, as well. The old modbox (adjustment tools) can still be used with these new presets.

*Disclaimer: Remember that your photos may not look exactly like my photos, as different lighting situations, color schemes, and looks are involved in just the photo itself. Presets are to be used to enhance a photo, not to save it in any way.

*Disclaimer 2: These presets at launch are for the new versions of Adobe Lightroom. These are .xmp files, so they can be used in new version of LR and ACR. To install, simply open LR – Develop – on the left side, click the + sign above where your presets are, select ‘Import Preset’, and click on the presets you want to import. Simple!

*Tip – Remember to play with the white balance! Always!

MOTH 1C V2 – cool tones, nice contrast, slightly muted highlights
MOTH 2C V2 – neutral tones, higher contrast, good punch
MOTH 3C V2 – vintage tones, lower contrast, a little fade
MOTH 3C V2 – semi-vintage tones, mid contrast, cleaner

Here are examples and descriptions of ALL of the presets!
Click on the first photo, then scroll to the right!