When I was asked to be a wedding photographer in the Flint Hills, I WAS SO EXCITED! Then I received a link to the amazing Volland Store, where the wedding would would be taking place. WHOA. So, the town of Volland, Kansas was abandoned for quite a long time and some lovely investors came in and took it over and the first diamond they made was remodeling the old general store into an event venue with an apartment on the second floor that’s available to rent. The charm scale was at 150 at this place. Being a wedding photographer, I get to see some amazing places, and this one in the Flint Hills is in my top 5 venues, so far.

So, these two kind people inquired with me and provided all of this information and I was HOOKED. We had a video chat and just hit it off right away. Our styles were so similar. Music, films, podcasts, all of it! We just clicked. IT WAS ON. We were ready to create some magic together in the Flint Hills.

The bride got ready in an old farm estate home that had so much character and charm. The home was made of old stone and wood. It was honestly like looking at a painting, which for a wedding photographer, just meant that beautiful pictures were going to happen. The groom also prepped for the day at an old Flint Hills estate home. I just, I don’t have many words to describe the aesthetics of this wedding day. Everything was simply amazing. The love between these two was so apparent and the emotions were in full swing from start to finish. So, photographing the day was like being the director of a classic love story of some kind.

The event planners and florists from Hitched were honestly the best planners I’ve ever worked with. They were all so friendly and funny and easy to work with. Since the wedding was in the Flint Hills, and not KC, they drove everything out in their cars and staged the entire day perfectly. They were there just as long as I was, and that’s when you know you’re working a damn good wedding.

Okay, enough with this rambling, check out the photos below! meep meep.

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Dang dude, these images tell such an amazing story. Such great attention to detail and composition. Not to mention I now want to see this town for myself now.
    Jacob Loafman
    Definitely recommend checking it out, dude! Volland, KS. The history is pretty cool and I actually stayed in the loft apartment at the venue. It was really well done and comfortable. Thanks for the kind words! Hope you're doing well.
What a classy wedding to shoot, these guys have so much style... no doubt this is the reason they chose you to document it brother ;-) Nicely done!
These look like stills from some beautiful indie film. So warm and delicate. Absolutely gorgeous.
Really incredible images, and great post work too! :)