Oh, my, what can I say about this lovely Missouri Botanical Garden Wedding? In a word? BEAUTIFUL.

Todd and Andy are two of the most loving people that I’ve come across in the 34 years I’ve existed on this planet. I was chatting with Todd the morning of the wedding about love and he said that his mother had a quote she would tell him about love. I’m going to paraphrase, but it was something along the lines of….

“Some sparks are immediate. Some sparks die out quickly. But, some sparks take time to form. Those are the sparks the last the longest.”

Again, not sure if those were the exact words, but I know that is pretty close.

So, that being said….

Enjoy seeing the spark that these two have formed for over 16 years with a few photos below.


So beautiful Jacob! I love the story line from start to finish!!!
Wonderful storytelling you captured - great moments and details.