Iceland Engagement Photography. These three words took me a while to get used to. I had only ever visited Iceland on a personal trip before, so you can imagine how excited I was to shoot an engagement session there! Tim and Kristin ROCKED IT! They were both so relaxed and funny and smiley and yeah, just amazing. We hopped in my rental car and drove on a mountain road for about 2 hours. We would stop at random locations that I was attracted to while looking out of my window. Mountains, lakes, wildflowers, we had it all, and we took full advantage of it. I’m so excited to shoot their wedding this fall in Germany!

Photos below for your enjoyment. meep meep


Pretty amazing dude !
    Thank you, my friend!
Beautiful ! love it
    Thank you so much!
Nice colors and mood :)
Super nice! But why is the sky green?
intimate session, love the mood...