These two. I met them a while back when they came into my studio for a consultation. Katie is very into fine art, so hearing her say how she appreciates my style meant EVERYTHING to me! They are the perfect clients. Laid back, but party animals!

For the whole day, I watched them laugh and cry and party their faces off. It was a splendid way to spend the Sunday of Labor Day weekend here in Saint Louis. The weather was perfect. The settings were ideal. She walked down the aisle to a special song (hit the play button up above!). It was just one for the books.

Anoushir and Katie, I wish you nothing but the best! Thank you for believing in me, befriending me, and BEING AWESOME on your big day!

Photos down below! Enjoy and as always, MEEP MEEP! <3


Wow. These are absolutely gorgeous! I love how you see art in the little things. LOVE the shot of the groomsmen reflected in the pool and definitely love the b&g dancing on the lawn!

Fantastic Jacob!

F*ck me you're good.

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