Ladies and gentlemen, meet Adam and DeAnne. I met these two through my good friends Jared and Lex of the band Staghorn! You see, Adam owns a beautiful online record store with a retail storefront in Chicago called Shuga Records. These two are fun loving, relaxing, and all around great-hearted people. They are full of emotions, which as I always say, is just the most beautiful thing in the world.

Their wedding day was filled with love, laughter, family and friends. It was one for the books. I’m not one to get super wordy with things and try to let the photos do all of the talking. So, please see the photos below and I hope you enjoy them.

To Adam and DeAnne, I wish you all of the best things in the world. I’m so happy that we connected and I’m going to be in touch when I’m back in Chicago in November! Enjoy your new lives together!

Shout outs:
Second photographer: Sandy Armenteros
Wedding venue: Room 1520



L. Oslansky

Jacob, your photos are just wonderful. Can't stop looking at them...L.O.

DeAnne Bittner

Everything I could have hoped for and more. You truly caught everything in our wedding day in the most artistic and creative of ways! I'm beyond happy in how you captured our day!!