Elim and Hannah. OH MAN. These two are just…..they planned their wedding day around things they enjoyed, rather than what the internet told them to do. Morning wedding. Donuts and coffee. Classic breakfast for the meal. A river stone ceremony where guests each had a stone and they blessed it in front of the couple and dropped them into a large bowl. A surprise song in the middle of the ceremony where every guest stood up at different times and starting singing. It was all just incredible.

On top of these things, they were totally in touch with their emotions and let it all out. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been a part of. Plus, I heard some Iron & Wine playing during the breakfast portion of the day, which made it all even sweeter.

Anyway, you guys are AMAZING and it was a pleasure being a part of your day.

Please enjoy the photos below, and as always, MEEP MEEP. <3


What a beautiful wedding! The photos just exude happiness and joy.
Stunning! The double exposure is a work of art!